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About Dimitri's Air Guitars


It is easy to order your favorite model. It is also a nice idea for a special occasion, your wedding anniversary for example. Especially women are intrigued by those fine instruments.

Media wants to make you believe that women for example, like romantic dinners or jewelry, but believe me, you give her one of those fashion items with hot Air Strings, she will also play the flute that night.


So just find the model most suitable for you, look at the different designs we have to offer, and then click on the "BUY NOW" button. You will be led to a secure PayPal site who handles all the money transactions. We will never see your Credit Card details. PayPal is a trusted site on the Internet.


You will have the option to select your destination. Make sure you chose the right destination, so the delivery will not be delayed.


Make sure you read and understood the Terms and Conditions.


You will get then a confirmation email within 24 hours and the item will be dispatch to you with in the following 2 working days.

AIR GUITAR PACKImage just for reference. For logistic reasons we ship items rolled to keep postage down.

For more questions contact us at: info@octavum.com

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